Sevan Ichkhanian

A 6 month long project involving a group of women reaching out and coming together to help me create a community where each individual feels powerful and in control of their own bodies. Each member of this collective is diverse, however one common theme that brings everyone together to make this community possible is that we all want to stand up for our injustices and make a change. Despite the narrative that’s been created by men, for men [regarding women, nudity, and sexuality], this community pushes to re frame past notions of the male gaze, allow women to redefine themselves/for themselves, and take ownership in a safe space. With constant conversation and support, we’ve opened up a dialogue where each individual feels entitled to speak her voice knowing that she’s being listened to, and instilled a level of trust constantly being built over the course of the term. Because this conversation isn’t just in open air, these relationships are strengthened by the fact that they don’t feel like they’re standing up for themselves alone. People are talking, participating, and being heard. And by being heard, we’re taking everything we’ve been through, everything we’re experiencing, everything we want to change, and bringing that conversation into visual forms. Through ideologies of femininity and contemporary culture, stripped aims to unapologetically capture the self-exploration and liberation of these women.

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