Exploring the theme of femininity, I created a large scale installation of what it means to be "female", working with and against the stereotypical characteristics of so, and focusing on elements of the real.

By installing the piece in a closet (a spacial reference to coming out of your comfort zone and enclosed insecurities), I've invited the viewer to step in and become a part of the piece and experience it themselves. Upon walking in, the viewer is greeted by collages of women in their truest and most honest form: naked and full of power. Both sides of the wall enclosing the closet contrasts the idea of the superficial femininity (lacy lingerie, glitter, and other aesthetically "femme" things), and the parts of femininity that aren't glamourized as much (choosing to grow out body hair instead of shave it, period stains on said lacy lingerie). The juxtaposition of themes are facing each other proving that they cannot exist without one another, and neither should solely define femininity as a whole because it's a combination of all of these things.

The items placed on the top shelf above the rest of the installation are symbolic, precious (hence why they're above everything else) references to the vagina. These references, in order from left to right, include a stand in flower to represent the Lotus, The Ichthys, Vesica Piscis, and Pomegranate. The Lotus flower representing the core of a woman's potent yin essence, which keeps the universe in harmonious order-- The Ichthys representing an ancient reference to fertility goddesses (Argaritis, The Syrian fertility goddess; Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and sex; and the pagan Great Mother goddess)-- The Vesica Piscis representing the meeting of pairing worlds; the sacred and earthly, liminality between the divine and the worldly, and ultimately a celebration of the vagina as a gateway to heaven.-- And finally, the pomegranate, representing the gift of love that is continually inviting, symbolizing fertility, abundance, and both menstrual blood and the blood of christ.

The various shades of the colour pink are meant to unify each symbolic reference and keep the installation together as a whole. Ultimately this installation is an opportunity to showcase how femininity is much more than just wearing high heels and makeup, women are much more than just attractive bodies, and our vulnerability can and is turned into power.

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